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          Wuhu Foroot Foods Machine Co., Ltd is located near Baoshun Bus Station, Qiaobei Industrial Zone, ETDZ, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, P.R.China, we follow world advanced technology from the establishment and do continuous improvement and innovation. Quality and credit is always our foundation, plus normative management, our products are widely sold all around China. Our products are widely used for processing of freezing precook foods, dairy products, agricultural and sideline products, fishy products, delivery system of foods, logistic and warehouse and other industries.


          We are specialized at the design and manufacturing of foods processing machine and production lines of various fruit and vegetable. We dedicated to the research and development, current products include: lift and delivery series, cleaning series, grading series, cutting (splice, strip, thread, cube) series, pre-boil and blanching series, sterilization series, stack and removing series of can, production line of yellow peach, orange can, cleaning vegetable, spiced corned egg, sweet corn,etc and the design and manufacture of other non-standard machine.


          We insist the team spirit of honesty, high effectiveness and innovation and win your support and truth by excellent quality, best price and outstanding after sales service. Your satisfication is always what we are pursuing, we want to develop with all of our friends.